Each semester, students are given at least one mid-term examination and a final exam. Apart from examinations, quizzes can be given without announcing a specific date. For each course taken at Ankara University, the student is given one of the letter grades below by the instructor as the semester course grade.

The table below provides the detailed information about the local letter grades and coefficients.

Score   Grades  Coefficients

90-100  AA   4,00
85-89   B1   3,50
80-84   B2   3,25
75-79   B3   3,00
70-74   C1   2,75
65-69   C2   2,50
60-64   C3   2,00
50-59   F1   1,50
49 and below F2    0,00

The lowest grade to be successful in a course is (C3) 2,00. The grades lover than 2,00 (F1 and F2) are unsuccessful.

In order to be successful in a program, grade point average must be at least (C3) 2.00 and all courses must be completed successfully.